Servara is a revolutionary cloud-based SaaS FSM platform that utilizes worldwide best practices to deliver excellence. Servara helps businesses optimize, streamline and automate their scheduling, planning and forecasting operations within a single, easy-to-use unique platform that delivers supreme functionality that maximizes efficiency at minimum cost.

Servara instantly visualizes and optimizes your field service processes and maps your route to deliver success—10 times faster and easier than any existing solution, with minimum costs and business disruption.
Servara’s team has over 50 years of experience in the FSM industry, which has driven us to make game-changing improvements. Our premium SaaS Cloud System serves to increase efficiency, productivity and utilization for companies managing local and global workforces.

Our services have successfully deployed across multiple industries in the USA, Denmark and Israel. Four co-founders have 75 years of experience in pioneering, developing and implementing best-in-class FSM solutions.


Proprietary machine learning
WFM – Field Service Management Platform
With our smart SaaS cloud platform, you get one solution for the entire service chain operation, which streamlines your processes and enhances connectivity. Our advanced digital features allow you to communicate with end customers online, establishing a digital preventive service process—a first in the industry, exclusively from Servara.

As a service organization, you need a software solution that will solve your business challenges so you can better meet your customers’ needs. Regardless of your business challenge, the revolutionary FSM solution from Servara, with its rich functionality, provides all the necessary means to improve productivity and efficiency for your company.

Servara optimizes based on business rules & incorporating machine learning from continuous data feeds. Servara AI eliminates the need for logic tuning of business objectives.

Interconnectivity with every customer touch point ensures optimized decisions created with reference to all platforms, CRMs and tools

Assign technicians to primary and extended service areas to maximize coverage, efficiency and utilization

Display charts and export scheduling data into Excel for further analysis

Consider real-time conditions in scheduling logic. Servara’s next breakthrough offers future scheduling through AI for a dynamic Resource Planning system with minimal user input. Servara offers real-time traffic updates, taking into account parking and walking time.

Constantly tracks and monitors real-time workforce utilization and service level



Liron Prestelnik


Over 20 years of experience with software design / development / implementation, specifically focusing on field service scheduling and management solutions

Guy Farhi

19 years experience building rostering and supply chain optimization methodologies, helping businesses implement logistics optimization roadmaps.