Easy appointment-booking methods for B2B and B2C
Running an efficient service chain could be the difference between saving money or wasting countless hours on old, ineffective methods. Servara’s innovative software solution aims to improve the process in every way, delivering technology that will streamline the experience from start to finish.

Manual appointment booking methods are outdated, wasting both time and money—resources that could instead be diverted to other areas. The cloud-based optimization engine that Servara’s integrative platform uses makes your scheduling woes from the past disappear. With real-time capabilities, our smart software helps you control service costs while keeping your customers happy.


Anything you can do to improve the customer experience will ultimately lead to more success for your business. Offering an easier way to schedule service and getting an overview of your workforce’s activity has many benefits, including:
  • Real-time booking for an efficient service chain
  • Enhanced customer experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction
  • Optimized service schedule to increase revenue
  • Maximize productivity and reduce downtime
  • Ensure convenience for customers



Delivering a better experience for both you and your customers
Servara’s software provides scheduling capability for both B2B and B2C customers, improving the booking process for them and your company.
It allows for multi-resource booking, ensuring your resources are adequately dispersed and that your workforce is where they need to be at the right time.


  • Streamlines appointment booking for a variety of industries
  • Adjust workforce schedules as needed to account for demand
  • Intelligent schedule optimization to reduce lost time
The success of your service chain operations depends on your ability to seamlessly adjust to shifts. Servara’s software allows you to do this with ease, connecting various facets of your organization for an improved overall experience.