Ensure your tasks are completed as needed and on
Making sure all your tasks are scheduled and assigned to the right people is one thing. Ensuring they are done properly and in a timely matter is just as important. Stay on top of your workforce with Servara’s FSM software, which allows you to monitor the execution of scheduled tasks.

Servara’s software has all the tools you need to keep track of your workforce: shift monitoring, task and job descriptions, reporting capabilities, and more. Protect the integrity of your company’s name and make sure that work is getting done when it is said it’s getting done.


Gain a detailed overview of your workforce’s day-to-day operations. Servara’s software also provides

  • Increased visibility
  • Improved ability to provide great customer service
  • Greater understanding of the ways your workforce can be more efficient
  • Detailed analysis of productivity


Accomplish more in less time

Servara’s dashboard provides you with a complete overview of tasks from start to finish. The platform constantly tracks and monitors real-time workforce utilization and service levels, giving you the most up-to-date view of your company’s activities.


  • Assign technicians to primary and extended service areas
  • Streamline field service calls
  • Improve customer experience
Our solution allows you to have more control and visibility over the scheduling process. When unplanned customer needs arise, Servara’s solution provides you the means to seamlessly schedule employees in nearby areas, eliminating excess travel costs and lost time.

Not only will this make your employees’ lives easier, it will also create a better customer experience, ultimately resulting in business growth for you.