Keep track of parts and returns to enhance
profitability and service

Understanding your inventory is a crucial part of maintaining your business’s profitability. Knowing that you will have the parts you need when you need them is also important for maintaining customer satisfaction. Get a complete picture of your inventory with Servara’s smart software, which provides a dashboard you can access anytime, anywhere.

When you have a large field service management team, it can be difficult to manage the exact location of parts, especially when technicians are out providing service. Servara’s mobile software makes it easy to track and locate parts so that you can efficiently serve your customers, leading to improved brand loyalty and, ultimately, more revenue for your company.


Streamlining your inventory management process does more than just simplify your business operations. It improves the experience for your customers and field service technicians as well. The benefits that Servara’s solution provides include:
  • Accurate, real-time information regarding inventory
  • Immediate answers and solutions for customers’ service issues
  • Less wasted time in tracking down parts
  • Smart auto-replenishment for necessary parts
  • Maintain optimal inventory levels—ensure you have the right amount
  • Facilitate easier return



Effectively manage your inventory with Servara
Out platform offers you complete insight into tracking and managing your inventory, no matter where you are. See what you have in stock and locate it easily. It can be frustrating for customers when you have to track down parts and can’t give them a clear answer for when their service order will be completed. This uncertainty can place a burden on your technicians as they strive to meet customer demands.
Servara gives you the insight you need to see what you have and know where it is. Our easy-to-use interface allows you to track and locate parts no matter where they are in the chain. The map visualization tool gives you a real-time glimpse of your inventory, making it simple to order and allocate parts as needed.


  • Organizing and categorizing inventory
  • Understanding real-time stock information
  • Determining the location of parts across your network Reordering parts as needed
Your company’s livelihood depends on your ability to keep accurate inventory management. Make your job easier with Servara’s innovative solution that will keep your inventory.