Keep your field service technicians connected with
all the information they need

Having mobile capabilities is no longer merely a luxury. It is a necessity for field service professionals to do their jobs properly. To satisfy customer needs and streamline company costs, your employees in the field must be able to access a variety of information on the go, from schedules to detailed customer information that is necessary to complete the job.

Servara’s field service management software delivers an all-in-one solution that gathers a complete picture of the information you need to successfully deliver on customer needs. With the ability to access the data you need no matter where you or your field workers are stationed, you can provide the seamless service experience your customers expect.


Managing multiple workforce shifts can be complicated. Having data scattered among several different places makes the process complicated. Servara’s field service management software makes the process simpler for your company, providing benefits that include:
  • On-the-go planning and management
  • Flexibility in organizing schedules
  • Less wasted time
  • More convenience and less frustration for management, workforce, and customers


Easy-to-use, highly configurable platform With Servara’s solution, your field service technicians can get the information they need about jobs, service appointments, previous documentation of issues, parts availability, and much more. Our fully-integrated product houses all the information you need in one place, ensuring you can handle customer requests with the attention they deserve.


  • Service technicians in the field
  • Sharing crucial information about customer accounts
  • Enhances the job completion process for technicians
Being able to transport all the vital information you need for service calls improves and efficiency and enables your technicians to provide better service. Don’t get left behind with outdated systems that aren’t equipped to grow with your company. Discover how Servara can elevate your field service management.