Efficiently manage workforce schedules and make adjustments on the fly

Optimize the scheduling of your employees with Servara’s smart software solution, which houses all the information you need in one place. Our platform gives you the ability to see your planned work schedule as well as log information on activities performed during field service operations. You will gain a better view of your business operations, as you track labor and stay informed about your workforce’s day-to-day activities.

When you have multiple shifts to cover, our software can help you change the schedule easily, without interrupting the daily flow of activities. Whether an employee needs to adjust due to vacation, illness, or unexpected circumstances that arise, Servara’s software makes it possible for you to maintain a dynamic plan, delivering a complete solution that can be accessed on mobile no matter where you are.


Planning your workload means you can assign technicians to multiple jobs in the same area, which increases efficiency and reduces travel time and expense. The additional benefits that Servara’s solution can bring you include:
  • Improved shift planning
  • Accurate labor auditing
  • Increased visibility of employee activities
  • Better responsiveness to customers
  • Increased productivity



Understanding your schedule is the first step to efficiency
When you have a team providing service to customers, you must stay on top of scheduling to keep costs under control and make sure customer needs are being met. Servara’s software uses a combination of algorithms and input from dispatchers and field personnel to create and maintain the schedule. Our flexible solution accounts for changes in the schedule as they happen, shifting to ensure that your workforce’s time is being well-spent.
With so many variables to coordinate, old scheduling methods often don’t fit the bill. The Servara system optimizes the schedule based on several elements: demand forecasting, employee availability, skills, customer needs, and more. Our software assists in the initial planning process while also providing data once it’s underway, alerting you to areas that need your attention based on fluctuating information or pattern detection. So that you can effectively manage your employees and tasks, Servara provides integration in real time, allowing you to make the right decisions that will lead to enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction.


  • View operations in real time
  • See changes as they happen
Enhance the service you provide your customers and increase employee satisfaction with software that keeps everyone in the loop about your activities. Your workforce will know what to expect from their workdays, with changes communicated directly to them, and your customers will appreciate knowing when their service needs are being met.