Our smart software enables more efficient day-of-
service scheduling and dispatch
Service dispatching can present many challenges that businesses must overcome to keep costs under control. Roadblocks such as unplanned traffic, customer cancellations, and problems with site access all lead to valuable time and money lost.

Servara’s all-in-one solution provides you with the means to overcomes these challenges. Our software allows you to make changes in real time with an integrated system that keeps all parties updated about what’s happening. Having the capability to send technicians out as the need arises allows customer needs to be met sooner, streamlining the service process.


Having a handle on operations in real time provides many benefits, including:

  • On-the-go planning and management
  • Flexibility in organizing schedules
  • Less wasted time
  • More convenience for management, workforce, and customers


Integrate real-time planning into your scheduling process

Servara’s software enables real-time integration, giving you updates live from the field to provide schedule optimization. Our platform lets you view the map of your coverage area so you can consider real-time conditions in scheduling logic, such as traffic updates, parking and walking time, and more.

Our dynamic resource planning system requires minimal user input and future scheduling through AI.


Servara helps companies visualize their workforce and schedules to maximize productivity and efficiency. Our software has many applications for your service company, including:

  • Service calls for utility companies
  • Scheduling in real time
With real-time scheduling, your company can adjust to the shifts that occur in your workforce as they happen. It allows you to be more agile and responsive in regard to customer needs and employee situations, improving the overall experience for everyone.