Set customized scheduling logic to apply to specific
Meeting the demands of a large customer base can be challenging. Each has its own specific set of circumstances that merit various levels of service. With Servara’s smart software solution, you can account for these variations easily, assigning certain scheduling logic to specific customers and situations.

Segmenting your customers is necessary based on the service level agreement (SLA) each has in place. With Servara, you set the parameters during your initial setup. For each subsequent use, you simply apply the appropriate preconfigured settings, removing extra barriers and confusion and leaving more time to provide excellent customer service.


Provide the right level of service to your customers while also making scheduling service calls easier for your workforce. Servara’s software allows you to:

  • Meet business goals by prioritizing workloads
  • Simplify scheduling service requests
  • Provide customized solutions to customers
  • Build segmented groups and lists



Easily adjust schedules to improve the way you provide service
Schedule tuning gives you the ability to adjust specific scheduling logic to a specific scheduling scenario. For example, consider you have two segmented groups: Non-VIP and VIP customers. When a non-VIP customer requests service, you would choose the preconfigured “Non-VIP” schedule policy, which would have been set in advance in Servara by grouping business rules and goal functions. This could mean it would be scheduled during normal working hours, considering skills and geographical boundaries.
On the other hand, when a VIP customer requests a service, you would use the “VIP” schedule policy that schedules during normal working hours as well as during overtime (e.g. 2 hours after normal working hours), considering skills without any geography boundaries. the non-VIP customer may receive next-day service while the VIP customer will receive a same-day service (as the organization is willing to work extra hours and drive more to serve this customer).

The above is just one example of the ways in which you can set Servara’s software to work for you. Different scheduling policies that are created and configured as part of the schedule tuning process help your organization meet different SLA agreements.


  • Schedule tuning for service companies
  • Differentiating responses based on SLA
Servara’s platform allows you to enhance your customer service by taking the guesswork out of scheduling. By setting the parameters in advance, you are saving your company time with a seamless scheduling process.