Solutions for Your Business Challenges

Servara’s software provides field service management solutions through the power of artificial intelligence.

The smart SaaS cloud platform from Servara offers one simple solution for the entire service chain operation, eliminating the need for you to have multiple services to address different challenges. Our software has multiple applications, each of which improves efficiency in your business operations.

Our Solutions

At Servara, we know that each business’s needs are unique, which is why our software is built to grow with the changing landscape of your company and industry. As you expand and encounter new issues to address, Servara’s smart software grows with you, adapting to your shifting circumstances.

servara benefits


Rapid Implementation

We get you up and running in under 10 days. That's 80% faster than our competition.

Intuitive functions reduces training time

Our solution is easy to learn and operate, reducing the need for advanced ongoing training.

Artificial Intelligence drives improved performance

Our machine learning algorithms constantly learn from your use and automatically improve.


IoT monitoring for a proactive service process

Our connectivity to the Internet of things allows us to take a proactive approach to service needs.

Future-proof your businesses

We consistently update and improve your system, so you can focus on running your business.

Scalability as your business grows

Our solution scales perfect as your grow your business to the next level.

Why Choose Servara?

Improving the efficiency of your field service management doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. In fact, Servara’s solution is able to provide seamless integration of your processes.

With our smart SaaS cloud platform, you get one solution for the entire service chain operation, which streamlines your processes and enhances connectivity. Our advanced digital features allow you to communicate with end customers online, establishing a digital preventive service process—a first in the industry, exclusively from Servara.

As a service organization, you need a software solution that will solve your business challenges so you can better meet your customers’ needs. Regardless of your business challenge, the revolutionary FSM solution from Servara, with its rich functionality, provides all the necessary means to improve productivity and efficiency for your company.

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