Ensure you have technicians where you need them,
when you need them
When you have technicians out in the field providing service, it’s imperative to accurately plan the schedule. Having an uneven distribution of technicians across your service area leads to inefficiency, which can result in lost time and money along with unhappy customers.

Servara’s software solves your inefficiencies with an innovative platform that improves your operations. With our all-in-one solution, you can assign technicians to primary and extended service areas to maximize coverage, efficiency, and utilization.


Geo-coverage planning allows you to distribute your field technicians in a way that minimizes your costs and improves productivity. Using Servara’s solution for geo-coverage planning provides several benefits, including:
  • Accurately planning work schedules
  • Ensuring adequate coverage for all service areas
  • Less travel time, leading to more completed jobs



Our software allows you to visualize your workforce
Managing your field service technicians is best accomplished when you have access to an abundance of information. Providing great service requires having complete understanding of various things: your workforce’s availability, customer needs, account history, and much more.
Servara’s FSM software helps solve your workforce management problem by collecting the data you need to manage your employees, get them where they need to be, and help them provide the best service to your customers.


  • Assign technicians to primary and extended service areas
  • Streamline field service calls
  • Improve customer experience
Our solution allows you to have more control and visibility over the scheduling process. When unplanned customer needs arise, Servara’s solution provides you the means to seamlessly schedule employees in nearby areas, eliminating excess travel costs and lost time.

Not only will this make your employees’ lives easier, it will also create a better customer experience, ultimately resulting in business growth for you.