Zero-touch service

Predict failures and auto dispatching to insure zero downtime of your equipment’s and assets.

SERVARA Zero-touch module mission is to prevent facilities & devices (e.g.: solar systems, cooling systems, etc.) downtime via constant monitoring of vital signs (IoT), analysis and prediction of fault ahead of time resulting in alerts being pushed via various digital platforms (SMS, Application, Email) to an integrated external ERP systems for planning a suitable service. Combined with SERVARA’s scheduling module , the service can be scheduled, dispatched and executed making the entire fault detection and correction process fully automated – ‘Zero touch service’ to ‘Zero Downtime’.

Servara offers a suit consisting of two main modules: 1) Predictive Maintenance Module that is responsible for capturing the signals transmitted by devices into its Time Series database and a background ML engine that identifies patterns that imply potential faults. 2) Field Service Optimization Module that efficiently plans the schedule of service providers to meet the service-level-agreement derived from the type of service and the predicted fault severity.



The efficiency of your business operations depends on your ability to reduce downtime of your assets while efficiently allocate your resources to meet customer demands and not overextend your workforce. Having Servara’s software for predict accurately failures and automatically schedule the right technician helps you better serve your customers.

  • Eliminating downtime
  • Improve incomes derived from assets and devices
  • Improve customer experience
  • Reduce dispatching efforts for zero
  • Improve field service efficiency



Understanding your schedule is the first step to efficiency
When you have a team providing service to customers, you must stay on top of scheduling to keep costs under control and make sure customer needs are being met. Servara’s software uses a combination of algorithms and input from dispatchers and field personnel to create and maintain the schedule. Our flexible solution accounts for changes in the schedule as they happen, shifting to ensure that your workforce’s time is being well-spent.
With so many variables to coordinate, old scheduling methods often don’t fit the bill. The Servara system optimizes the schedule based on several elements: demand forecasting, employee availability, skills, customer needs, and more. Our software assists in the initial planning process while also providing data once it’s underway, alerting you to areas that need your attention based on fluctuating information or pattern detection. So that you can effectively manage your employees and tasks, Servara provides integration in real time, allowing you to make the right decisions that will lead to enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction.